Wedding Makeup Tutorial

May 10, 2017

The secret behind looking uniquely beautiful on the wedding day is to look simple with a simple application of makeup. The would-be brides commonly make a mistake of looking extraordinarily beautiful and end up looking gaudy. They forget that it’s not just about looking good throughout the day, but it is also important to look perfect for the faultless pictures.

Take Care Before the Wedding

Looking perfect on the wedding day is not just about buying the right makeup. It starts with taking care of yourself right from six months before your wedding day. If you wish to make your makeup look the best on you, then you need to have good skin at first place. Beautiful and glowing skin helps the makeup application to set smoothly, perhaps looking remarkably gorgeous. Get an idea about the below things to do before your special day.

Drink Fluids – Increase the intake of fluids, especially water. You can choose to have juices and healthy drinks throughout the day, but do not count water intake in those fluids. Water is essential to keep your body hydrated. It helps your skin to look refreshed and reduces skin imperfection. You can say water is the best medicine for your health.
Skin Care – Take out time to care for your skin. This means regular exercise, healthy diet, sound sleep and of course the basic fundamental remains the same – cleansing, moisturizing, toning and use sun protection to avoid tanning. You can always visit your dermatologist if you experience any allergies or skin problems.
Facial – Facial are indeed relaxing, but make sure you get it done at least ten days before your marriage as you would not want to take any chance on the wedding day if in case there is any reaction due to the facial creams used.
Shape your Eyebrows – Eyebrows can be quite hurting at times with little red bumps due to plucking. Hence, it is always good to shape your eyebrows five days before the wedding.
Get Enough Sleep – Wedding is a hectic day and days before the wedding are even more hectic if you keep yourself busy with wedding chores. Delegate the work, and you make some extra time to sleep. You don’t want to look exhausted. Hence sleep is the only option that would make you look the best.
Practice – Do not wait for the wedding day for all trial and error. Start practicing different styles of makeup weeks before the wedding so that you exactly know how you want to look and how to wear.

Makeup Choice

When you go shopping your wedding makeup, make sure you choose long lasting products that suit your skin tone, goes well with your attire and most importantly blends well. You can click your photographs while you practice applying makeup as this will allow you to know what looks good on you and what looks the best. There is a possibility that what you wear looks different in photographs, hence you need to work on yourself accordingly taking care if the actual look as well as your photogenic look.


Bridal Makeup Tips

If you wish to look fresh throughout the day, then you can ask your folks to carry a quick fix kit which contains items like tissue, safety pins, touchups, etc. as this would be helpful when you are continuously greeting guests.

Do not forget to apply your entire makeup before wearing the wedding dress as makeup application on the wedding dress can spoil your charming attire.

Wedding Makeup Tricks

Applying makeup is important, however making it last longer is even more important. Check out the following tricks to make your makeup stay for longer

  1. Define your lips with the help of a liner and pick a long lasting lip color like Lipsense.
  2. Apply waterproof mascara and an oil based concealer to prevent any mess due to the tears of joy.
  3. To set your foundation, dust a light layer of facial powder.
  4. Regardless of how you have planned your wedding, a natural looking bridal makeup is always perfect for the bride.

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Bollywood Makeup

May 10, 2017

Everyone wants to look beautiful like Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor. Their flawless skin and dramatic eyes speak a lot. There are a hell lot of fans who simply cannot resist from admiring these charming beauties. However, these good looks are not by birth. They are a combination of moderate looks with Bollywood makeup techniques which result into perfect Bollywood divas.

How to Do Bollywood Makeup

Essential Base

With the help of an application sponge, apply the foundation all over the face. It is recommended to use foundations that perfectly go well with your skin tone than going in for shades of pinks and peachy tones.

Concealer Cover

Concealer needs to be applied over any dark pigmented areas, dark circles and blemishes. The only goal of a successful Bollywood makeup application is to make the skin look flawless. So only relying on the foundation is not going to be helpful.

Shadowed Eyes

Eyeshadow primer should be brushed across both eyes right from the bottom of lids to below the eyebrows. Eye makeup needs to be designed as per the requirement or the way you desire. Gold and red colours suit the royal look. Green, blue, purple and shades of pinks create an exotic look. Apply a light-colored shimmering eye shadow from the inside of the eye to the centre of the lid. Apply the darker colour from the centre to the outer corner of the eyes.

You can add an extra shadow to the eyes by using the brown eye shadow for golden tones or even the dark grey shadow for coloured and Smokey eyes. Shade it in a “V” shape from the outer corner of the eyes. This helps the eyes to look lengthened and also makes them appear like almond-shaped.

Eyeliner Strokes

Take a liquid eyeliner and line the eyes all the way around. Draw the eyeliner strokes on the outer part of the eye. It is recommended that eyeliner should only be used on the outer portion as lining inside the eyelids can make corneas prone to harm and can cause infection.

Mascara Mania

Brush the upper as well as lower eyelashes with mascara. According to various makeup artists, application of mascara is an essential part of a Bollywood makeup.

Eyebrow Arch

Fill the eyebrows with a little darker shade that matches your natural brow colour. Use an eyebrow pencil to do so. Create a thick lining that highlights your eyebrows. Curve them as much as possible, however, make sure you do not end up making the top of the arch look spiky. Eyebrows should possibly appear encompassing.

Blush Highlights

Using a blush brush, apply a light pink shade of blush on the cheeks. Do not over use the bright pink shade on your cheeks as this would only grab attention from the eyes and the lips.

Lip Color

First of all outline your lips using a dark brown shade of lip liner. Make it sleek with the help of a lip liner brush. Then fill the inner portion of the lips with a light coloured and moist lipstick and finally dab a gloss for a shiny look. Avoid using matte lipsticks as they are now out of fashion.

Following the simple tips and tricks on the Bollywood makeup, you can achieve your most admirable looks for yourself.

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